Anjali Soma & Asha Soma Arrive in New Vrindaban

Ranaka recently rescued two Brown Swiss heifers from an auction in Wisconsin.   Although they may have had a nice life as milk cows, in the end they would have been sent to slaughterhouse once they became economically nonviable.

Now that they are in New Vrindaban there is a commitment that they, and their calves, will  be allowed to live out their natural life span. The funds for the purchase were contributed by a donor.

The donor has requested the following 2 names: Anjali Soma… means gift offering; nectar of immortality & Asha Soma means ray of hope, nectar of immortality.

Anjali Soma & Asha Soma are very gentle and were able to be lead with a halter to the barn. Both will be a real asset to the herd.

Here they are being unloaded from the trailer that brought them across country to their new home.

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