Palace Update 12/10/11

by Gopish das

The temporary roof repair is almost complete. Tattva Darshana and Jagadishvara Prabhus have been working diligently to effect the necessary repairs.

We have been able to stop the leak near Srila Prabhupada’s alter and have, through the process of elimination, identified the source of the other two leaks. The water is actually coming through the domes, especially around the lotus tops. We are using a very high-tech sealant to stop the leaks without affecting the black and gold ornamentation.

The drain areas have been opened up to allow for better removal of water and we will be installing heat tape to keep the ice from building up this winter.

All in all, we are under budget for this project and will have it concluded before winter sets in.

The old ghee plant has been cleaned out by Vaisnava Prabhu with only a few hard piped appliances remaining. A contract was signed with Kayafus Architects to provide a design  and blueprints for the renovation of the ghee plant into the new Palace gift shop. The initial concept drawing has been provided along with a budget.

Devotees with the necessary skills can apply to Gopisa das for hiring on this project. We will need carpenters, concrete workers, metal fabricators, roofers and electricians.

While working on the domes and front steps,  we noticed that the concrete appeared to be weakened in some areas. With that realization, we will be speaking with a structural engineer to determine the overall condition of the Palace concrete sub-structure so we can plan accordingly.

We will be meeting with Gus Kayafus on Monday, Dec 12th  to speak about the concrete issue, meet with two masonry companies that are bidding on the repair of the front steps and make plans for the gift shop renovations.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!

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