2012 Deity Flower Garden Work Progressing

The goal for 2012 is to not buy any flowers for the Deities during the growing season.

An area has been set aside for this in the Garden of Seven Gates. Despite an unusually wet autumn,  some progress has been made. Here is Jayadevi standing in an area that has been covered with compost and had soft rock phosphate spread on it.

Most of this will be planted into annuals though some will be perennials.  20 mums and 20 peonies have already been planted.  The annual production will come up to speed in 2012 but it will take about 5 years to get the perennial garden fully planted. The eventual size could be about 5 times this area.

The gardens will be done organically. Chemical fertilizer is N-P-K which is nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. The nitrogen will come from cover crops and compost, the soils here are naturally rich in potassium and it can be supplemented with wood ash,  but they are weak in phosphate.  So we have supplemented with rock phosphate, an organic form,  at the rate of 2000 pounds per acre (2,200 k per Ha).  This is slow release so it will suffice for the next ten years.

The compost didn’t spread itself so Kalindi and her husband Adam did that.  They also spread some on some new terraces where berries will be planted next year.

Anyone wanting to contribute to support this project please let us know. One way is through the Contact Us form on the Home page of the Brijabasi Spirit.

We can also engage anyone who wants to donate time working in the garden so if you are planning a visit and want to do some hands on, let us know.

Another way to contribute is to grow some flowers in your own garden and donate them to the Deities directly.

If you have any divisions of perennials or flowering shrubs that you would like to share, we can accept donations of plants.  Before modern commerce and catalogs, that is how most gardens expanded, through gifts or trades with other gardeners.  You could also order plants through a catalog and have them sent to us but please contact us in advance so we would know what is coming.

Further plans for this fall is to  dig some daffodils in what used to be a picking garden for the  Deities but which is  a nonwalkable distance away and plant them in the temple area where the flower pickers can have easier access. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a thousand of them?



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