Brijabasi Spirit Now On Facebook; Writers Wanted

The Brijabasi Spirit now has its own Fan page on Facebook for the convenience of our readers who prefer to have everything there.  Gotta keep up with the times.

We have an ongoing desire for anyone wanting to write for the Brijabasi Spirit.  So much is going on in New Vrindaban and each person has an individual experience of that which we would like you to share.

Professional writing ability not essential and we can help with ideas or light editing if you want.  Regular reports from various departments, recipes, synopsis of classes,  guests stories,  unfolding natural events,  festival reportage — these are just a few ideas.

Current residency in New Vrindaban is not a requirement.  We have a category called “The Old Days” and anyone can write their memories from a time spent living here or as a visitor.  Or recount a story they heard from a current or previous resident.  The Holy Dham has no geographical boundaries.

The fact that mistakes were made in New Vrindaban in the past is well documented and widely disseminated — we don’t need to add to that body of work.  So we do request that stories and articles be of the category of the swan, positive and enlivening.

We don’t do straight up essays but will do discussions of philosophic nature if they actually happen in New Vrindaban.

We don’t do controversy. The internet is rife with places for weighing in on controversial topics we want the Brijabasi Spirit to be a safe haven.

Please contact Madhava Gosh if you feel moved to contribute.



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