PRC Minutes Conf Call September 30, 2011

Palace Restoration Committee

Minutes Conference Call September 30, 2011

Present: Gopisa, Malati, Tripad, Jaya Krsna

Absent: Gaura Shakti, Ramesvara

  1. Minutes last conf call ratified
  2. Main roof – patches
    1. Companies who did the current rubber on the roof and the dome, have been contacted by Gopisa. Both companies proposed the product to be used for the patches.

A bucket of the needed product for the flat roof was brought by Gopisa to the Palace.  The product for the dome will be delivered next week.

The work needs a dry roof. Tripad plans to apply the material next week.

It is the intention to cover a good part of the flat roof with the new material; the necessary additional material will be available on request.

    1. Areas of the flat roof where we have soft spots could be covered with the necessary material.  Additional devotees are available if needed.
  1. Intermediate gift shop
    1. Krsna Bhava Prabhu has accepted the proposal for the intermediate gift shop in the ghee factory after discussing with Gopisa and Jaya Krsna in separate meetings.
    2. Gus visited the Palace this morning, present with him Gopisa and Tripad.
  1. i.      Stairs: both masons will come out next week and present quotes after the site visit.
  2. ii.      Gift shop:

We will do the clean up ourselves (roof, wall). Gopisa has informed Gus about the investment he thinks is needed for the gift shop – $50.000. Included in the plan are two wheel chair accessible toilets.

Gus will meet with Krsna Bhava to see her current shelving in order to use them in the intermediate gift shop.

  1. iii.      There would be two single bathrooms, one for ladies and one for men. We would have to build additional bath rooms once the current bathrooms will be closed down based on construction going on.
  2. iv.      Timeline for the gift shop: beginning of March 2012.
  3. v.      Total budget: $75.000 including the patches, the stairs and the gift shop, $37.500 for INMV and ECOV.
  4. vi.      INMV has to find out how to fund the investment, as only $10.00 is currently part of the investment budget.
  5. vii.      Gopisa discussed with Gus the reconstruction of the back part of the Palace building. Gus will think about options and inform us about his thoughts.
  1. How to move forward on the overall restoration?
    1. Address the restoration of the domes and the roof.
    2. Get clarity on the back part of the Palace building.
    3. Go back to Gus and ask him for additional work on the domes.
  1. Activity list
    1. Structure of the dome – Gus sees that structure can take another cover (except major concrete cover). The activity is closed.
    2. Story board – feedback on the second version expected for next meeting
  1. Next call within one week – October 7, 2011, 4pm. Calls will be planned for 9am in the future.
  1. Parampara Prabhu is proposed to be an additional member of the Palace Restoration Committee. The decision will be taken by email as not all members of the Palace Restoration committee participate in today’s call.


All Feedback on the storyboard, to be adapted by JKd – 75.000 visitors a year October 7, 2011


Contact Charu Prabhu to get input for the exibits September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Contact BhkatiCharu Swami, Rameswara, Kripamaya, Sankirtana for input for the exhibition September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Article on dandavats September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Write regular articles ongoing
Tripad Apply the materials delivered on the flat roof & domes Based on the weather, October 7, 2011

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