Brahmana Initiation Lecture — New Vrindaban, May 25, 1969



So we, our… One of the items of this mission, Krishna consciousness, is to establish real varna ashram by qualification. We have to pick up brahmanas from everywhere, throughout the whole world, not that we have to pick up brahmanas in India in some class. No. There are brahmanas jn every part of the world. We have to pick up.

Just see. None of these boys are born in India or a brahman family, but they have got the symptom. They have got the brahminical… They have either acquired willingly or by some way. So we have to pick up. Anyone who is truthful, who is controlling the senses, no illicit sex life… That is controlling senses. There are many other things. This is the most important thing.

Samo dama tattiksa They are tolerant. To these American boys, to take up another culture, which they are not accustomed from the birth, that is tolerance. This is tolerance. But it is not painful, but it is tolerance. I am asking the American boys, “Don’t smoke. Don’t take intoxication.” They are accustomed to this habit from the very childhood, but they are doing this. This is tolerance.

So these are brahminical qualification, tolerance, truthful. And sauca, sauca, this Sauca. Anyone who is chanting Hare Krishna, he is pure, bahyabhyantaram, inside and outside. So in this way, in this age, the chance should be given. Not that when the Satyakam spoke the truth of his life… So he was accepted. So you are being accepted as qualified brahmana, but keep your qualification. Then your life will be sublime. Keep your life. Yes.

So this is a chance given by the Pañcaratrika system. It doesn’t matter how he is born. Nobody is responsible for his birth, but everyone is responsible for his work. So you work like a brahmana, like a Vaisnava, and chant Hare Krishna, and chant this gayatri mantra, and your life will be sublime. So don’t neglect it.

You are being initiated according to the order of our predecessors, Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Prthivite ache yata nagaradi grama. We should have to preach this Krishna consciousness movement in every village, in every town of this planet. Therefore we have come to your country. You are kindly cooperating. You also spread.

I am old man. I may not live very long. Any moment I can be finished. But try. That is actually feeling. That is actually fellow feeling, that people are simply… Anadi bahirmukha krsna bhuli gela. They have forgotten Krishna from time immemorial. Athaeva krsna veda purana karila. Therefore this propaganda, this literature, Vedic literature, is there to remind them. Aham eva sarva-yajñana blokta ca prabhur eva ca. Krishna says, “I am the Lord of everything.” So we have to capture Krishna. So this is the… Namo apavitrah pavitro va sarvavastham gato ‘pi va. This is explanation of this verse. And now we begin our ceremony.

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