PRC Conference Call 9/9/11

Palace Restoration Committee

Minutes, conf call September 9, 2011

Present: Gaura Shakti Dasa , Gopisa Dasa, Malati Devi Dasi, Ramesvara Dasa, Tripad Dasa, Jaya Krsna das

1. Structure: Gopisa checked the access for the dome; there is no visible support. There may be evidence in one of the 3.000 pictures of Kama. Gaura Shakti will handover the pictures to Gopisa for review.

a. Patch – Tripad has brought to Gopisa’s attention that the concrete of the dome on top of the temple room is damaged. The membrane is leaking on top of the main dome.

b. Gopisa is looking for material, which is compatible with the current rubber. The plan is to cover the dome by a new membrane.

c. Recoat the roof, put patches on the domes itself and the roof. Gopisa would engage the LEED consultant for further consultation.

d. The budget is about $20.000. Has to be adjusted based on the material chosen and the labor, if we do it ourselves or by the roofer.

e. Time frame: budget approval next Thursday, order the material, start cleaning the rubber.

2. Story board – JKd to adjust the current version, send it out before the next meeting, discuss the proposal on the next conf call.

3. Front stairs – Gopisa is expecting an email from Gus Kayafas with quotes from the two contractors he recommends for the reparation of the stairs. Gus promised it for the current meeting.

4. Gus made a suggestion for the intermediate gift shop. He would place the gift shop at the place (prefabricated, wired, insolated) where the permanent gift shop would be placed. Gopisa is waiting for the proposal and cost estimate of Gus. We expect the proposal for the next meeting. Gopisa will work also on the initial plan the committee has discussed so far.

5. LEED consultant: Tim will be engaged for INMV and ECOV project and the Palace. Gopisa expects to engage Tim also for the Palace. The hourly rate for the current contract: principal 110 (110 in our initial contract) for other functions: 85, 90, drafting 75, only in the current, to be added to the general contract, secretarial time 55 previously, 40 KBC, to be adjusted in the overall agreement.

6. PRC accepts officially Gopisa’s proposal to engage Tim Crowley as the LEED consultant for the Palace.

7. Ramesvara emphasized that the PRC needs a paper trail for all contacts between Kayafas, the LEED consultant and ISKCON. PRC decided that emails are also accepted as part of the paper trial.

Gopisa is the main contact for the patches and the current work to execute.
Gaura Shakti was officially elected by the original group (original Palace group) as the project manager.

A longer discussion on the formal process of electing a project manager led to following thoughts:

a) The board of directors of INMV currently defines sub committees which are working on different topics and make recommendations to the board. The board is ultimately responsible for the decisions taken.

b) Mother Malati proposes a second approach: The PRC makes a written proposal to the INMV board. The PRC members are present in the meeting for the election of the project manager and participate in the vote.

The PRC proposes that both proposals will be presented to the joint board meeting. Malati will be invited to present the second option to the joint board members (unanimous vote).

Gopisa continues with the service request for the intermediate tasks until an official project manager is elected.

Next conf call: September 23, 2011, 4pm, moved to September 30, 2011, 4pm (conflicts of different meetings).

JKd, September 22, 2011

Activity list:

Gopisa Get information about the support structure of the dome to define the setup of a new dome September 9, 2011
All Feedback on the storyboard, to be adapted by JKd – 75.000 visitors a year September 30, 2011

Tripad Contact Charu Prabhu to get input for the exibits September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Contact BhkatiCharu Swami, Rameswara, Kripamaya, Sankirtana for input for the exhibition September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Article on dandavats September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Write regular articles ongoing
Gaura Shakti Get the 4000 pictures of Rukmavati September 15, 2011
Gaura Shakti Get feedback from Sudanu September 9, 2011
Gopish Request Kayafas to get quotes for the reparation of the front stairs September 30, 2011
Gopish Propose a temporary gift shop (style, size, estimation for the investment) September 30, 2011

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