Farewell To Shankya Prabhu

Shankya prabhu is a Prabhupada disciple who has been the main cook for New Vrindaban for the summer and Festivals season for many years. He has spent in winters in Alachua, Florida at the devotee community. He is now going to move there permanently so this was his last full summer here, though he has promised to return and cook for the New Vrindaban big festivals.

Recently there was a farewell party for him at which time many devotees expressed their appreciation for his good qualities. Here is a transcribed version of one by Sacimata:

I wanted to thank everyone attending tonight to give a New Vrindaban Brijabasi farewell to our all-time favorite cook, Shankya prabhu! Let’s give him a big “Hari Bol”!!!!

I first got to really know Shankya on a trip I took to Vrindaban in 2005 with Malati Prabhu. Each day after the morning program at Krishna-Balaram Mandir, we would board the “Kartik Parikrama” bus lined up across the road with Shankya and Jambajaya. We were eager to hear ecstatic pastimes with Dina Bandhu prabhu. I could see the intense love in Shankya’s heart for Vrindaban and for his dear spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada as he listened to the pastimes.

Especially on Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance day, at the ceremony taking place at Prabhupada’s Samadhi, I could see Shankya’s face filled with emotion. Then I learned all the stories about Prabhupada’s favorite “flower boy.” On that day, I came to realize what a special soul he was.

I know everyone celebrated an appreciation dinner for all the devotees not too long ago but I really wanted to express my personal appreciation for a sweet and humble devotee whose only desire is to continually make Srila Prabhupada happy and to engage as many souls as possible in the ecstasy of devotional service through cooking for Krishna.

So, although I am really sad to see him go, I’m really happy for all the “fun” times we’ve had together in the kitchen cooking, laughing, sometimes singing, and, of course, in serving the devotees, and most of all in serving Srila Prabhupada.

So Shankya prabhu. have just as much fun growing veggies and flowers in the Sunshine State. WE LOVE YOU!

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