Packing Sweets after Janamstami

It doesn’t get bigger than this – looks like a prefect motto for the
Janmastami festival. Ever year hundreds of devotees descend to New Vrindavan
to celebrate Janmastami with their near and divine ones. Fasting, feasting,
bhajans, japa and bathing of the lord makes it the festival that has it all.
This year we had more than a couple of thousand visitors over the Janmastami
weekend. Not only that the celebrations spilled over to the Labor Day
weekend, where we celebrated both Janmastami and Radhastami together.

After the celebrations were over there was a lull and actually
speaking it took almost one week for us to recover. Once we got over the
“hangover” it was time to send gifts and sweets to the hundreds of devotees
and patrons who had sent financial contributions to the festival but could
not attend. We realized we had no sweets as all the sweets were “sold out”
on Janmastami. We made about 500 pounds of fresh sweets for shipping. It
took almost 3 days for a crew of 6 to pack the sweets in individual boxes.

The sweets are none other than Krishna and hence they need to
handled with care. We needed to ensure that the sweets do not break up along
the way. We needed to ensure that they were packed properly and sent quickly
so that the sweets are still fresh. Everyone was relishing packing sweets
just thinking how happy the patrons would be to receive the sweets.
Everything was done in a professional manner, everyone contributed their
might and we finished packing 600 boxes with 6 types of sweets in 3 days.

The sweets needed to be put in plastic pouches then carefully placed
into cardboard boxes, then wrapped nicely with tape. We needed to put the
address labels, also the return label and finally the stamp. Rasa Chaitanya
prabhu and myself went to Wheeling post office and carefully delivered it to
the post office so that they can deliver this mercy to our dear devotees and
patrons. Just by eating this sweet one gains the immense blessings as He is
the Supreme Absolute truth giving mercy in the form of the sweet.

Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra Bhagavan ki Jai….

Your Servant,
Gaura Natarajah das

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