The end of a beautiful season of picking flowers for Krsna

As the cool weather and shorter days bring the blooming season to an end, I am savoring the last smells and touches of our “real” flowers. There are still marigolds galore and they make beautiful fall garlands. The zinnias are fading, but the dahlias are just now coming into their own. In fact, they are my favorite flower for picking and making garlands for Srila Prabhupada.

Garland making is such a nice meditation, that Krsna has increased my service from helping Gopalasyapriya making Gaur Nitai garlands, to making the small garlands for Damodar’s picture and Deity, Srila Prabhupada’s and soon Gaura Nitai garlands every day.

I will be making the flower purchases, but it doesn’t compare to loading up the car with bags, a bucket of water and spending time breathing the fresh air and filling the bags with all the different varieties of flowers for garlands and vases.

I encourage all the devotees who have a gardening spot to put aside some space for the Deities to engage your plants in Krsna’s service and to expand our supply so that we can have all the garlands and vases from locally grown flowers from May until October.

Your servant,

Jayadevi dasi

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