27 Sept CVPT Discussion Notes

27 September CVPT discussion

Hare Krsna devotees

On the 27 of September the Community Vision and Planning team had another presentation and group discussion. My thanks to all of you who came and participated.

We will NOT have these for a while, as we are now into group discussions based on the different Categories (see below).

For those of you who chose not to, or were unable to attend, here’s a summary of what we did.

We presented the results of our Values Statement survey in descending order of selection (top of the list were the most desired values). We then went through the top 11 that were previously selected, and put those into descending order (a second opportunity to select and decide). Here are the results:

Integrity, Accountability, Honesty, Authenticity

Respect, Consideration, Honoring the sacred in everything

Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding, Listening, Empathic

Sadhana, Spirituality

Appreciation, Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Gratitude

Encouragement, Inspiration, Reassurance, Support

Service, Contribution, Participation

Healthy relationships with devotees, management, ourselves

Cooperation, Interdependence, Connection, Belonging (Inclusion)

Consciousness, Clarity, Self-Realization, Awareness

Learning, Growth, Empowerment, Challenge, Stimulation

We then asked “What values do you think are most important to see in the Community leaders?” Here are those results:

Sadhana, Spirituality

Integrity, Accountability, Honesty, Authenticity

Consistency, Continuity, Competence, Effectiveness

Healthy relationships with devotees, management, ourselves

Appreciation, Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Gratitude

(It’s interesting to note that for individuals, the values of integrity, respect and compassion are most important to see exhibited, while for our leaders, it’s Sadhana, integrity and consistency that rated highest. In other words, amongst ourselves we value integrity, respect and compassion, but for those who lead us Sadhana is most important, followed by integrity and consistency.)

We then had a very nice and open discussion to refine the vision statement. We spoke of concepts, ideals, principles that we wanted to see included, rather than focus on the grammar of the statement.

We again asked all devotees to join Division groups to help with the 1, 3, 10 and 25 year plans of action. Every group will have their 1st meeting by 8th of October. Again, the Divisions (or Categories) and leaders are:

Agriculture, Cows and Self-reliance; Jaya Krsna das

Community Design and Facilities; Gaura Sakti das

Devotee Care and Relations; Sukhavaha dasi

Economic Development; Yugala Kisore das

Education, Arts and Culture; Sankirtan prabhu

Outreach, Preaching and Pilgrim Care; Yugala Kisore das

Revealing the Dham; Varsana Swami

Please contact the individual leaders for their meeting schedules.

Pizza prasadam was served at the beginning of the discussion. We met for 90 minutes, from 6:00-7:30 pm.

The next day, the CVPT Steering group met, and refined what was discussed the previous night. Here’s what we propose for the New Vrindavan Community Vision Statement:

(Proposed) Vision Statement

New Vrindavan Community is an intentional spiritual community centered around the practice of Bhakti yoga expressed as the Brijabasi Spirit, emphasizing simple living and high thinking, agriculture and cow protection, places of pilgrimage, and propagation of the teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

* The “Brijabasi Spirit” manifests abundance through the synergy of loving relationships with Krsna in the center.

This Vision Statement will be formally presented to the joint board of directors’ meeting in 2 weeks, for their approval or modifications.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Yours in service,

Gaura Sakti das

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