Palace Restoration Committee Minutes 8/5/11

GauraShkati Dasa, Gopisa Dasa, Malati Devi Dasi, Ramesvara Dasa, Jaya Krsna das

  1. Palace roof:

Jeff Piasa from Kalkreuth, send by mail a quote for the lower roof.

  1. Materials proposed for the lower roof (gift shop and restaurant) $48.500. It is a new material,it was never used by Kalkreuth before.
  2. Upper roof: Jeff will give us all information so that we can do it ourselves.
  3. Gopisa is still waiting for the input from Jeff for the temporary fix.
    1. i.      Jeff will provide ahigh endquote.
    2. ii.      He will give us a list of the materials needed.
    3. iii.      We can do the temporary fix ourselves and get protection for the Palace until we have the final design, hopefully next spring.
  4. Gopisa’s discussed with Gus:
    1. i.      Are we able to do the final roof and change the dome later?

It can only be answered if we have decided on the dome.

  1. ii.      Dome: There are two options: add an additional structure or rebuild the complete dome.
  2. iii.      What do we need to take a decision:

We need to know the cost of the materials and labor.


  1. Designers:
    1. Surabhi did not respond to email requests so far.
    2. Malati will organize the email address and phone number of Sadbhuja. He did not reply so far to an email request.
    3. Gupta and his wife are working with Douglas Cardinal from Canada. Gupta will contact him and see what kind of input we can expect from him.
    4. Historical preservation architects in the area could also do the design.


  1. Meeting of Gopisa with Gus
    1. It was a 3 hours meeting; materials lasting for centuries was a major element of the discussion.
    2. The roof and the dome has been discussed.
    3. Gus does not have experience in Vedic design. He is an option if we continue with the style the Palace has so far.
    4. Gus has a nice sentiment for the devotees which is a good fundament for cooperation. He has good connection with local talents and contractors/suppliers.
  2. Are we ready to decide if we want to go with a similar exterior style than in the past or something more elaborate?
    1. The redesign of the dome will affect the design of the back part of the Palace.
    2. There was an agreement that the design for the back part should not be more elaborate than the Palace itself. Similar design elements should be used.
    3. The material used has to be defined first as it is limiting the design.


  1. What are the different phases of the Palace’s restoration?
    1. Temporary repair on the main roof; a decision has to be taken related to the material for the balustrade
    2. Change of the dome.
    3. Complete the upper roof.
    4. Temporary repair on the lower roof.
    5. Final roof, taking out the water. Drainage.
    6. Exterior of the Palace.
    7. Upper terraces and windows, terraces elements.
    8. Visitors center, parking.
    9. Museum building.


  1. Design of the dome
    1. The committee recommends that the Krsna Balarama-style dome should be put up on the Palace


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