Ecstatic college preaching by NV devotees

bu Gaurnathraj das

New Vrindavan is a place of inspiration and worship. The mercy of their Lordships spreads far and wide. Trying to spread this mercy of the Lord five devotees from New Vrindavan headed to Ohio University.

We conducted two programs there. One was a class of 20 students who were studying global leadership. They are actually writing a paper on New Vrindavan under the guidance of Professor Greg Emery. Greg Emery visits New Vrindavan very often and has had the association of H.H. Radhanath maharaj.

When we went to the class the students were pretty blank so to speak, not knowing much. So I encouraged them to ask questions. The first question was why New Vrindavan? And that started it all. We covered almost all aspects of Srila Prabhupadas teaching beginning with the soul , devotion to Krishna and ended with a discussion on “Simple living High Thinking”.

The students listened very curiously and asked many questions. Finally after some hard hitting philosophy it was time for the real thing. I told them that the path to spiritual realization is full of happiness and joy and one can attain that joy simply by chanting . We just started chanting and then we started dancing and we asked all the students to come up and they did, one by one.

In a few minutes the entire class was on the dance floor chanting Hare Krishna in ecstasy . We kept on going for the next half hour until the session ended. The students quickly asked for our contact information which we were happy to give because they said they would like to visit New Mandarin. They are already scheduled to visit us on September 24.

Our Next stop was College Greens, the forested area from within the campus. We had a student contact by name Tyler and he invited us to do a Harinam. We started with 2 students and gradually as we sang we attracted students passing by and joined us. Bhakta Brandon then suddenly started dancing and all students joined him. The dancing continued and the holy names kept growing louder and louder.

My throat became sour after 45 minutes and I asked my wife Sundari to lead and she did so beautifully. We continued with electrifying pace , loudly chanting for the next 30 minutes. It was totally ecstatic.












Then we handed out halwa prasadam to all. Not only that all passersby were given a cup of sweet halwa. The response was tremendous , we could see the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra flowing. Radha Vrindavan Chandra Bhagavan Ki Jay !

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