The Vaishnavi Retreat is just around the corner

Hare Krishna!

The Vaishnavi Retreat is just around the corner, only a couple of weeks away! We have exciting, innovative presenters this year so we  look forward to all of you, far and near, joining together for our annual get together in New Vrindaban where we meet old friends and make new ones as we explore the sacred path back to Godhead from many angles of vision and experience.

Fri.Sept.30th, Sat & Sun, Oct 1st & 2cd are the dates to circle on your calendar.

There will be  healthy vegetarian prasad prepared by our creative chef, daily yoga
sessions, mantra meditation, shastric sessions led by advanced women who have practiced Bhakti Yoga 40 years or more, the Saturday night Campfire Bhajan Circle, and the extraordinarily intimate loving experience of being with Srila Prabhupada in his Palace on Sunday morning, learning and sharing inner secrets on the Path of Self Realization,  Krishna Consciousness.

Lose yourself in the serene setting of New Vrindaban wearing its new found autumn dress, fresh crisp air, sweeping starlit nights, organic gardens, surrounded by peacocks,  deer, swans and other charming creatures. This is simply not to be missed! It’s all happening for  you!

Go online to for further information. The schedule will be posted Thursday (Sept.15th) afternoon.

Call: 304-845-9591

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