New Vrindaban Janmastami Celebration Weekend Program

Please bring offerings to Radharani by 5:30 pm at the latest, on Sunday evening.
Thank you very much.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday Sep 3,4,5- 2011

5.00am    Mangala Artika

5:45am    Japa session

7:30am    Sringar Darshan

7:40am    Guru Puja

8:00am    Srimad-Bhagavatam by HG Shankaranand Das

9:00am    Breakfast

10:00am   Dramatic Story telling by H.G.Sankirtan pr

11:00 am  Activities for Children (Temple Hall)

12:00 pm  Kirtan

12:30pm   Arati

1:00pm    Bhagavad-Gita lecture by HG Gaura Nataraja Das

1:30pm    Lunch

4:00pm    Shanti Havan for Kalash Donors

5:00 pm   Go Puja (Goshala)  by Rasa Chaitanya Dasa

5:30 pm   Swing Festival

6:00 pm   Entertainment

6:30 pm   Arati

7:00pm    Kalash Abhisek

8:00 pm   Dinner (For Kalash Donors)

9:15pm    Swan Boat Festival (Lake Side)

Sunday, Sep 4, 2011 Radhastami (fast till noon)

5.00am     Mangala Artika

5:45am     Japa session

7:30am     Sringar Darshan

7:40am     Guru Puja

8:00am     Srimad-Bhagavatam by HH Barsana Swami

9:00am     Breakfast

10:00am    Dramatic Story Telling by H.G.Sankirtan Pr

11:00 am   Quiz and Singing on Krishna for kids (Temple Hall)

12:00 pm   Kirtan

12:30pm    Arati

1:00pm     Bhagavad-Gita lecture by HG Prema Bhakti Das

1:30pm     Simple Lunch Prasadam (for breaking fast, Feast in Evening )

4:00pm     Shanti Havan For peace and prosperity for Kalash Donors

5:00 pm    Go Puja (Goshala) by Rasa Chaitanya Das

5:30 pm    Swing Festival

6:00 pm    Drama

6:30 pm    Arati

7:00pm     Kalash Abhisek

8:15 pm    Feast

9:15pm     Swan Boat Festival

Monday  5th September

5.00am     Mangala arati

6:00am    Japa

7.30am    Guru puja

8.00am    Bhagavatam class By H.G.Yugal Kisore Das

9:00am    Breakfast

10:00 am  Dramatic Story Telling by H.G.Sankirtan pr.

11:00     Program for kids

12.30pm   Arati

01.30pm   Bhagavad Gita Lecture

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