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Palace Restoration Committee Minutes 8/5/11

Participants: GauraShkati Dasa, Gopisa Dasa, Malati Devi Dasi, Ramesvara Dasa, Jaya Krsna das Palace roof: Jeff Piasa from Kalkreuth, send by mail a quote for the lower roof. Materials proposed for the lower roof (gift shop and restaurant) $48.500. It is a new material,it was never used by Kalkreuth before. Upper roof: Jeff will give […]

Palace Restoration Committee Minutes July 9th, 2011

Present: Gaura Shakti Dasa Gopisa Dasa Jaya Krsna das Malati Devi Dasi Ramesvara Dasa Absent: Tripad Dasa Agenda: 1)      What part of the Palace of Gold is of historic relevance? 2)      Next steps 3)      How to utilize the architectural work done so far by Kayafas Architects The members of the committee agreed that Srila Prabhupada’s […]

CVPT Group Discussion Tuesday 27 September 5:30 pm

Community Vision and Planning Group Discussion Tuesday 27 September 5:30 pm Lodge Prasadam is 5.30, discussion starts at 6.00 The Intention of the discussion is to refine our Vision Statement. We’ll review our Values Statements, Vision statements,and further refine our Vision for New Vrindavan Community. Please come!

New New Vrindaban Resident

Vaisnavi Retreat Presenter’s Schedule

Dear Vaishnavi’s: The completed schedule, with presenter’s names and times, is now posted on The titles of each presentation will be added as soon as each one of our presenter’s gets back to me with their information. The menu plan will also be posted shortly. In addition to the particular items mentioned, breakfast will […]

Ecstatic college preaching by NV devotees

bu Gaurnathraj das New Vrindavan is a place of inspiration and worship. The mercy of their Lordships spreads far and wide. Trying to spread this mercy of the Lord five devotees from New Vrindavan headed to Ohio University. We conducted two programs there. One was a class of 20 students who were studying global leadership. […]

Picking Flowers For Krishna

by Jayadevi dasi I suppose Krsna heard me when I told Jaya Krsna that I loved gardening, and he said I had come to the right place. Shortly thereafter, I began working with Gopalasyapriya at the Palace gardens. Anybody who picks flowers should know the process from beginning to end. It takes weeding in icy […]

The Vaishnavi Retreat is just around the corner

Hare Krishna! The Vaishnavi Retreat is just around the corner, only a couple of weeks away! We have exciting, innovative presenters this year so we  look forward to all of you, far and near, joining together for our annual get together in New Vrindaban where we meet old friends and make new ones as we […]

I found peace in the mountains of West Virginia

by LC I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone but traveling is my therapy. It’s even better when the destination is as amazingly peaceful as the unincorporated (!) town of New Vrindaban, West Virginia (population of 352, according to the 2010 Census) – a remote community of incredible spiritually in-tune people, about 30 minutes from […]


by Nityodita das Srila Prabhupada wanted NV residents to live directly from the bounty of Mother Earth and Mother Cow. He especially wanted devotees to grow their own food to offer to Krsna. In the winter of 1974, I moved to New Vrindavan attracted by that simple vision and immediately joined the garden crew under […]