Offered With Love and Devotion

by Gaura Nataraja Dasa

In New Vrindavan we get a lot of visitors from near and far. Recently one such group of students came from Virginia. They were very open minded and nice.

They first toured the Palace and then they came down to the community garden, 40 in number and 3 teachers accompanying them. H.G.Tapopunja explained about the perils of modern agriculture and how it is causing cancer and other health problems. He explained that when food is grown naturally with natural manure like cow dung it is very healthy and is also good karma. This when offered to Krishna with love is the most precious offering and one can remain healthy both materially and spiritually.

They also danced to some nice Hare Krishna melodies by H.G.Kripamoya prabhu.

After the tour of the temple they were having dinner at Govinda’s snack bar. As they were having dinner I explained to the Reverend, the teacher accompanying them, that this delicious prasadam is prepared cleanly without onion and garlic. It is cooked by a devotee of Krishna after taking bath and praying for everyone’s well-being, food being the life of all. I told him that most of the vegetables used that day were grown here. Finally it is offered to Krishna with love and devotion and then eaten.

As I told this he was so enthused that he asked me to go to every table and explain this to the students. The students were so fascinated by this explanation and the fact that food the very form of sustenance could have such a deep meaning. As the students heard this they mentioned that they began to understand what it really means to pray before eating. Most of the students then began to converse and said they would try their best to remember God before they eat.

Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!!

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