Serving Lord Jagannatha

Dear Devotees, and servants of Lord Jagannath, Lady Subadra and Lord Balarama.

It’s that time of the year again….New Vrindaban’s country style Rathayatra on July 9th, and Snana Yatra on June 26th. The new outfits haven’t yet arrived but we are expecting them soon. We would like to thank the following devotees for their contributions, and service in designing, ordering and paying for the outfits.

Sachi Kripa, the Lords’ dearmost pujari
Krishna Bhava who both donated Laksmi and ordered the outfit while in Vrindaban
Mother Gopa
Sachimata dd

We still need about $600 to finish paying for the outfits and shipping, so if that is what you would like your donation to go toward, please specify, and we will make a note of it.

The items that you may sponsor for the big days are unlimited, so don’t be shy, dig deep for the Lord of the Universe, and Jagannath Blessings will be showered upon you.

Snana Yatra

We need laksmi for fruits, juice, Honey, Ghee Milk, Nuts, Flowers, and the whole feast in general.

We need about $201, for each of the categories mentioned above and about $501 for the feast.


You can sponsor the whole feast for about $751, the flowers run about $1501, the cart decorations ($751 – 1001), the more laksmi, the more beautiful the decorations will be. We want to have a really BIG cake, about $251 , Fireworks, Jagannath Swan Boat, Cold lemonade to be
distributed during the Parade ($51),

Also everyone is welcome to bring nuts, fruits, teas, honey, etc. to the Lord while He is recuperating after the Snana Yatra.

If you wish to receive a receipt for your donation, you can request that, and give your laksmi to Malati prabhu, or Sachi Kripa. And you may specify exactly what you want the donation to go toward.

Please let’s make this the best country-style Rathayatra possible, and really put New Vrindaban on the Rathayatra ISKCON World Map.

The more opulence that you offer to the Lord of the Universe, Lady Subadra and Lord Balaram, more blessings They will  shower upon us.

Hare Krishna! Jai Jagannath!

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