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May Newsletter

ITEM 1 – Upcoming  Devotee Care meeting on Thursday  May 5. The meeting is held in the Prasadam Room and starts at 5:30 with refreshments. Ends at 7.  Devotee Care meetings will be on the First Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome. ITEM 2 – Youth Activities  Tulsiananda, Sita, Visakhy, Usa, etc. Bhajan every Tuesday night from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. ITEM 3 – […]

Spring Cleaning

Typically spring brings us out of the darkness of winter, shining it’s light on many things that we didn’t or couldn’t tend to in the colder, dormant months. In spring, we clean our houses and sometimes we do a personal physical cleanse through fasting and diet. We clear the clutter (toxins) out of our bodies, […]

Weekly Raw Food Potlucks

  On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, about 20 devotees met at the Small Farm Training Center Guest House. The gathering was organized by New Vrindaban’s Center for Preventative Medicine (CPM). One of the goals of the CPM is to raise awareness about the medicinal properties of food. “Let food be your medicine and your medicine […]

Damodara dasa on Comcast Newsmakers

  PALACE OF GOLD & PALACE ROSE GARDEN TO BE FEATURED ON CNN HEADLINE NEWS This May and June, the Palace of Gold and the Palace Rose Garden will be featured on CNN Headline News.  The five-minute interview with Damodar dasa, Vice President of Guest Services in New Vrindaban Community, will air approximately 50 times […]

Prahladananda Swami: Memories of Old New Vrindaban and Cow Protection

Prahladananda Swami Speaks on cow protection and remembers the old days in New Vrindaban. Click here for audio on how Cow Protection Solves Problems

Long-range Community Vision & Planning

On March 27 and 28, New Vrindaban Community hosted a series of management meetings.  Many of the attendees reported that the meetings were very positive and a feeling of moving forward from the past.  One of the main topics of discussion during the meetings was the long-range planning for New Vrindaban. The result of the […]