48-Day Nrsimha Yajna in New Vrindaban


On Sunday, May 1, over 40 people attended the inauguration of a 48-day Nrsimha Yajna by a fire sacrifice conducted by Ananda Tirtha dasa.  “The sankalpa or intent of

this yajna is to beseech Lord Nrsimhadeva to facilitate opening the full potential of New Vrindaban Dham,” said Jaya Krsna dasa, Community President of New Vrindaban.  “We are ask Lord Nrsimhadev’s mercy in clearing away the residue remaining in the dham from the past, assisting the devotees in healing from the past, and creating an atmosphere of protection and auspiciousness in the dham.”

For the next 48 days, a prayer (see below) will be read before the Nrsimha arati both in the morning and evening.  Furthermore, the Nrsimha Kavacha Mantra will be played 24 hours daily at the Yajna Shala (between the temple and Govinda’s Snack Bar).   Finally, Jaya Krsna is asking all community members to pray for five minutes daily during this yajna for opening the full potential of New Vrindaban Dham.  The 48-day yajna will conclude with a fire sacrifice during the 24-hour kirtan on Saturday, June 18.

“I am also arranging for a physical cleaning of the dham as part of the yajna,” said Jaya Krsna.  “I have asked Arya-siddhanta dasa, the Vice President for Temple Services, to organize a maha-cleaning of the temple room this coming week.”  Later in the month, Arya-siddhanta will organize a maha-cleaning of the entire temple building.  In addition, devotees will be responsible for cleaning their rooms and offices in the temple.

After the temple building is clean, Jaya Krsna will focus on the grounds.  “The first area is the back of the temple behind the kitchen and the woods between the school to the creek,” explained Jaya Krsna.  “There are, of course, other outdoor areas to be cleaned up.  I will make a list of those areas in due course of time.”

Please participate in this 48-day yajna and help create an atmosphere of auspiciousness in New Vrindaban.  You can participate by attending Nrsimha arati, praying privately, attending the closing fire sacrifice, helping with the maha-clean ups, and/or by cleaning away clutter in your own personal space.


Prayer to Lord Nrsimahadev to be read before Nrsimha arati

We offer our respectful obeisances unto Lord Nrsimhadeva, the source of all power.  O Lord who possesses nails and teeth just like thunderbolts, kindly cleanse ourselves and the atmosphere in the Holy Dham, help us to let go of all the past influences so that we are able to render pleasing service to You, the devotees and pilgrims.


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