May Newsletter

ITEM 1 – Upcoming  Devotee Care meeting on Thursday  May 5.

The meeting is held in the Prasadam Room and starts at 5:30 with refreshments. Ends at 7.  Devotee Care meetings will be on the First Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome.

ITEM 2 – Youth Activities  Tulsiananda, Sita, Visakhy, Usa, etc. Bhajan every Tuesday night from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m.

ITEM 3 – Tamohara Prabhu / Mantrini d to give Child Protection seminar after the  FOI  weekend.

Will be on  either Monday or Tues, May 9th or 10th at 6 pm.  Please keep your schedules open.

ITEM 4 – Minutes by M. Sukhavaha of Devotee Care meeting from April

Devotee Care Meeting – April 1, 2011  Attendance: 16 devotees, including Jaya Krsna Pr and Malati devi

***SAFETY –  Three topics were discussed:

1.       First Aid Kits -“ where to be found

Most devotees are replenishing themselves

Malati devi will email Suk the extensive list of what needs to be included.

Send announcement out and on website asking for any first aid items  under the list.

Papaya based meat tenderizer or baking soda for bee stings

Epipens injection for bee stings

Fresh lemon juice for bee stings

Print out list of what is to be included in each kit with a chart at the top. Whatever is removed can be noted and checked on the checklist.

First Aid Kits can be found in various places: The Gift Shop in the Front Lobby, Arya Siddhanta Pr grey house, Palace upstairs, Palace gift shop, Temple kitchen, Gopa’s store They will be replenished by the owner.

2. All Purpose Fire Extinguishers

Gerald spoke about the price for new extinguishers between $89 and $100

Suk to email Gaura Shakti and ask him to look for these at auctions and EBay

Gerald will find out how many – approx 50

3. First Aid training – Gerald will put out a list and have email sent from Jaya Murari Pr to see who is interested to get first aid training for $25. Red Cross will come out and give a 2 year certificate for a 4 hour training session.

Put out a message on Jaya Murari that people can donate First Aid Materials – list and can also donate Fire Extinguishers. Also put out a message on the Website that people can donate these items.

***((Video Cameras for security)) Gopish is checking into this – Administration

***Hands on Help – Emergency

Phone Tree – Contacts Buddy System – who can give you assistance in an emergency

Vidya devi 845-5416

Jaya Sri – 845-2638 work 845-

Rides to Doctor or emergency Room.

Gopa -“ 843-9808 / cell 280-2363

Madri – 843-0122

Atma – 845-6945

Emergency babysitting – Sita / Vishakha, Usa

***Child Protection Team

Govinda Priya 845-3710, Harinama 845-6695, Atma 845-6945 (training involved).

***Jamuna: Women’s Club: 845-3875

a. Women’s Empowerment Group (self-expression) – 6 week commitment

Experimental  Facility for people to go deeper – Set the Intention the first week.

(Sadhana, Relationships, Gratitude, Appreciation, Expression, Support

b. Women’s Monthly Fun Day – Summer outside activities -in  winter more crafts art classes, herb classes, cooking classes to learn and heal

First Meeting was  on Monday April 4th at Jamuna’s house

c. Health and Well Being –  Exercise, Yoga, Nature Walks

***Sukhavaha – Ongoing seminars and practice groups include. Compassionate Communication.

***Admission of new residents

Includes anyone visiting over 10 days. No one has authority to invite others to stay. The Administration to get the Application, do the background check (do you have any felonies) and call the 3 personal references on the sheet and do an interview (or team to do interview??). – Devotee Team of 3  to possibly review new applicants  coming to stay on Temple grounds. Jaya Devi on Team – Give a recommendation to the Administration Board.


ITEM 5 – The Final Word –  Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform – do that, O’ son of Kunti, as an offering to Me.  Gita 9:27

And PS:

If there are sufficient items I will put out newsletter  for the 1st and 15th of each  month. The more we use the newsletter, the less  Jaya Murari prabhu will need to do in sending out so many announcements.  So if you have any items or announcements  send them by the 12th and the 28th of May to –     

ys, Sankirtana d.

May Newsletter

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