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New Vrindaban Gardener Goes Preaching

“Cow protection is the business of the vaisyas and along with our preaching, this is the most important work. We must have a good section of Brahmanas in our society and we must also have a good group of vaisyas who can grow grains and tend cows, and thus supply the society with food-grains and […]

Special Parikrama Parikrama Tonight (Friday) @ 7:30 in Temple

“Destination:: Navadwip, W. Bengal “Tour Guide”: is H H Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja. Time: 7:30 (after Gaura Arati) Colorful slide show with live commentary by Maharaja!

Work Oxen January 7, 1974

7 January, 1974 Los Angeles Dear Kirtanananda Maharaja, Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 30, 1973. I was very pleased to hear your report of our cow protection program, and I had part of your letter read aloud to a group of devotees how you have one […]

Attendees Call Festival of Inspiration 2011 “The Best Yet”

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News   Image: Arya-siddhanta Das The children also had fun at the festival Devotees who have attended every annual “Festival of Inspiration” for the past eleven years in the hills of New Vrindaban, West Virginia, have called this year’s event “the best yet.” Eight hundred devotees and seekers from North […]

Audio and images from 2011 Festival of Inspiration

Thanks to the Norwood Bhakti Club for recording and making accessible images and  audios of kirtans and classes from the New Vrindaban 2011 Festival of Inspiration.

The Walking Monk Visits New Vrindaban

Bhaktimarg Swami, aka the Walking Monk is visiting New Vrindaban for the Festival of Inspiration and GBC/temple president’s meetings. To see a swami’s eye view of New Vrindaban, visit his blog at The Walking Monk. Start reading at his Friday May 6th post and follow to through his departure, which hasn’t happened yet as of […]

24 Hour Kirtan 2011 – June 18-19

  Register Now | Accommodations | Directions | Schedule | Sponsor The 24-Hour Kirtan (24HK) is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. The dates for this year’s festival are June 18-19, 2011. Held in the foothills of West Virginia at the Krishna farm community of New Vrindaban, the festival offers an opportunity to chant shoulder-to-shoulder with some […]

48-Day Nrsimha Yajna in New Vrindaban

  On Sunday, May 1, over 40 people attended the inauguration of a 48-day Nrsimha Yajna by a fire sacrifice conducted by Ananda Tirtha dasa.  “The sankalpa or intent of this yajna is to beseech Lord Nrsimhadeva to facilitate opening the full potential of New Vrindaban Dham,” said Jaya Krsna dasa, Community President of New […]

Faces of the 2011 Festival of Inspiration

  See more Faces of the Festival of Inspiration here.

Home Programs Monday and Tuesday May 9-10

Dear devotees, There will be a home program tonight (May 9th) at Damodara’s and Gopa’s home at 6.30pm. All are welcome, Please bring a prep if you can, **************************************** Dear devotees, Radhanath Swami will be doing a home program at Raghunath and Jamuna’s home on Tuesday (May 10th) night at 6:30pm. Everyone is invited. If […]