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Musical Preformance Sunday

Devananda Pandit Prabhu will do an Informal Singing and Musical Performance this Sunday. From 12:00 Noon till 12:45 in the Lower Level of the Guest Lodge.

Srila Prabhupada’s Vision For NV (in his own words)

Srila Prabhupada’s Vision For New Vrindaban (in his own words): (Compiled by Chaitanya Mangala dasa) 1. Cow Protection. 2. Sustainable Agriculture. 3. Simple Village Life. 4. A Place of Pilgrimage in the West. 5. A Place of Higher Learning. 6. Above All, a Place for People to Develop Their Love for Krishna. 1. Cow Protection: […]

The Rule of Capture

The following is a brief excerpt from a more in depth article published by the West Virginia Surface Owners Rights Organization: “Currently, for most oil and gas wells drilled in West Virginia, the laws regarding who owns the gas that comes out of oil or gas wells, and what this means about how many wells […]

Gaura Purnima Celebration

Saturday, March 19th 2011 5:00 am Mangalarthi 7:30 am Guru Puja 8.00 am Sringar Dharshan 8:10 am Pastimes of Lord Caitanya 12:30 am Noon Arthi 3:30 pm Fire yajna [everyone can attend, it’s free] 5:00 pm Bhajan by Rasa Caitanya Pr. 5:30 pm Abhishek 6:15 pm Pastimes of Lord Caitanya 7:00 pm Maha Gaura Arthi […]

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Positions Open

Where: New Vrindaban, West Virginia USA When: April through Sept-Oct. (this could be a six month position, or longer, depending upon the person) Must be knowledgeable and conversant with horticulture. Would be responsible for up-keep, beautification & maintenance of grounds, which include lakes, walk ways, lawns, gardens, etc. References required. Contact: Malati dasi: (304-845-9591) […]

Farm Opening, That is Good Idea

“Yes, farm-opening, that is good idea. Apart from my Krishna Consciousness spiritual movement I want this–that people may not move from the villages to the town. Krishna Himself was a villager-He did not move to the town. He went to Dvaraka, but Vasudeva is everywhere; Krishna and Balaram like Vrindaban, so Vrindaban means village. Vasudeva […]

Bhajan at the Palace. This Wed. 5-7 pm.

Dear Devotees, You are welcome to join us for a bhajan evening tomorrow evening, Wed. 2nd of March. Simple prasad will be served on the end. Ys Madri