Zsa Zsa the New Vrindaban Goat leaves her body

Lord Krsna made a wonderful arrangement today.

Around 12:15 today, Chaitanya Jivan Prabhu, Prabhupada disciple visiting from Philadelphia happened to go over to see the goats at the barn.
He saw that Zsa Zsa the white goat was laying down and listless.

He told Tapahpunja and we went over to see the goats. Zsa Zsa was bleating in distress and couldn’t move. We brought her some blankets and chanted to her. Then Tapah sat down and put her head in his lap and held her and chanted the Holy Names of Sri Krsna as she left her body. (We pray that she was thinking of Lord Krsna and not Tapahpunjah at the moment of death.)

There was no such thing as left over prasadam at New Vrindaban with Zsa Zsa around because she had a huge capacity to eat whatever leftovers were given to her. Zsa Zsa has eaten more prasadam in her lifetime then any hungry brahmachari and was greatly loved by all the residents. She brought immense delight to all the visiting children and their parents. We pray for her continued progress back to Home, back to Godhead.

Your servant, Kamalavati dasi

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