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Winter Scenes From New Vrindaban

Click here for a slide show with more photos from Jaya Murari.

Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan In New Vrindaban

Click here to hear the complete 24 hour kirtan held in New Vrindaban during Kartik 2010.

Gas Drilling Near New Vrindaban Update

The drilling at our neighbor on the ridge’s well pad site, known as Snyder 1H, near Bahulaban has been completed and the horizontal drilling rig is being removed. That is why there has been an up tick in the truck traffic the last few days. The next step will be the fracing. The gas company […]

Road Trip: Detour Division

See original article here. By Chris Goodrich When I’m forced to drive a long way for work, or some child-related thing, I try to find something fun to do along the way. The drive isn’t a burden if I’ve got a personal reason to go, and sometimes I even look forward to 10 hours in […]

Nama Sanga Gathering

Dear devotees I want to invite you to the first nama-sanga gathering, this Wed. JAN 19th AT 5 PM in PRABHUPADA’S PALACE. The program will be centered around japa and the Holy Name. The idea is to discuss/share peaks and valleys in our daily japa in order to support, encourage and inspire each other in […]