Govardhana Puja Schedule

This Saturday, November 6th. 2010, is the Govardhana Puja Celebration.
It will be another wonderful spiritual event for the whole family.
Please come and if you like please bring an offering for Their Lordships by 6 p.m.

8 to 9:00 AM Srimad Bhagavtam Class…Hopefully by Varsana Swami

5 to 6:00 PM Lecture

6 to 6:30 PM Abhishek/Bhajans

6:30 to 7:00 PM Story Telling by Sankirtan

7 to 8:00 PM Maha Kirtan and Circumambulating Sri Govardhana Hill

8:00 PM Maha Prasadam Feast

Hope to see you there.

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