From Yamini and Mangalananda

From Yamini and Mangalananda, both former and eternal residents of New Vrindaban.

Greetings to you all !

If I’ve already told you about our New CD; please forgive me. I don’t mean to be a pest. I wear a lot of different hats as an independent music publisher, songwriter, arranger, engineer, promoter, etc. and my weakest link is sales.

If you haven’t heard about our new CD, then this is it. We were inspired working on this album for over a year and we hope you enjoy it.

iTunes link >   AverageSoul  “True Love’s Reflection”

If you prefer a CD over iTunes, send $12 to our Paypal account:

Include you address and you’ll have your CD in no time.

All the best,

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Reader Comments

Dear Mangalananda,

Hare Krishna!

We have never met, but I think I can speak for many who grew up listening to your music that we know you via your many albums. Here in Australia we distributed thousands of them on the street. Maybe you didn’t receive any royalties 😉

Yesterday I downloaded your new album from i-tunes.

I was not disappointed. In fact I was overjoyed – thought it was excellent. Some tracks brought me to tears. It’s musically top-class, full of honesty, and as usual, rich in realisation and philosophy.

Congrats to you and Yamini dd on the great album. I strongly recommend everyone reading this to get a copy.

your servant,

Kurma dasa