Calling All Vaisnavis


Your Annual Retreat occurs Oct. 1,2, & 3 in New Vrindaban. There are quality presenters who will offer much guidance and inspiration towards your spiritual journey. You will find gentle satsang and friendship.both old and new. There will be topics of interest for all minds and hearts to engage in, wonderful prasad and fresh country air and it is cost effective! Check It is a simple information site or call 304-845-9591 or

Some of the presenters include direct disciples of Srila Prabhupada, such as:
Laxmimini devi dasi,
Vishaka devi dasi,
Nidra devi dasi,
Nanda devi dasi,
Gopimata devi dasi,
Krishnanandini devi dasi.
Along with them will be senior Vaishanavi’s: Vraja Lila devi dasi, Tualsi Priya devi dasi, Radha devi dasi, Praladananda devi dasi, Vani devi dasi, Shatendriya devi dasi, Tirtha devi dasi and Archana devi dasi.

Some of the “practical to KC” Topics include include putting Bhakti into pranyama, Writing for Krishna, Vedic Women: Then and Now; Auryvedic Massage Workshop; Bharatnatyam Dance Workshop; Krishna Consciousness Parenting; Practicing Forgiveness; Quickly Cooked Snack/Meals; Shooting a perfect video with your own camera; The Magic of Hearing about Krishna; Every Soul Loves Book Distribution; Experience the Happiness. There will be realized discussions on Shastra and chanting the holy name.

Ladies, Please get some friends together and head for New Vrindaban, your home away from home (Husbands and family members are also welcome to accompany you.)! (Please forgive any typho’s!)

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