Humble Request On Behalf Of NV Ashram Mothers

Hare Krishna! Dear Devotees: All good fortune to you!

The hallway floor in the Ladies Ashram looks like something out of a worst scenario ghetto. It sorely needs to be replaced, as in ten years ago! Currently, I was able to paint most of the rooms and that has made a HUGH difference but, when you step out to the hallway, it’s back to the hellish planet. Is there anyone out there who would be so generous as to sponsor a new floor for the Ashram Hallway (or, perhaps, two or three persons together)? Please thinks about it and if you can, find a way to step forward and help create a more civil environment for the ladies who are most often behind the scenes, holding up the fort. You can contact me at or 304-845-959.1 Thanking you all for giving thought and consideration to this humble request.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Dandevats, malati dd

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