Art Seminar Details Memo/ Reminder

Dear  Devotees:

Here is  current information about the New VrindabanArt Seminar with Dhriti &  Ram das that runs from Sept. 13 th through Sept 22  cd.

Costs are as follows:

10 -day course &  materials:

$200 (covers materials  & travel expenses for Dhriti &  Ram)
Lodging (if required):  $150 from Sept. 12 th through 23 rd in Guest Lodge.
(Option is there for  Ashram accommodation: $60 for duration)
Meals (if required): $135  (breakfast, lunch, light dinner for 10  days)
Round trip from Airport  (if required): $75 (Pittsburgh  International)

The following  supplies should be brought by each participant:

*   Sketch book  12×16
*   Easel
*   Brushes :  bristol filberts or flats   #   4, 6, 8,  10,
sable or mongoose rounds  # 6
mongoose hair filberts #  4,6 (optional)

We recommend  purchasing  supplies at best prices . Vermeer mongoose  brushes are also available.  Further information as things  develope.

Feel free to  contact me with any questions: 304-845-9591 or
_malatidevi@aol.com_ (

Hare  Krishna!

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