Lord Balarama Appearance Day Program

TUESDAY 24 AUG. 2010

5:00PM___5:15PM :Welcome

5:15PM___5:30PM: Special dance performances by devotee children!

5:30PM___6:00PM: Balarama Quiz – special surprises for winners!

6:00PM___7:00PM : Class by Malati Devi Dasi

7:00PM___7:30PM : Artik

7:30PM___Feast in Honor of Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day

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Reader Comments

Hello dear Provu,

Hare Krishna and Haribol. This is first mail to you. I am poorest of the poor person in Bangladesh. I am a Life Member of ISKCON in Bangladesh and also a member of Food For Life (FFL). Actually I have no ability to go New Brindaban in USA. But I have seen by Website and Google Earth. I like Krishna, Balaram, Pravupadh and Joypataka Swami Maharaj. I believe that all the success is goes to Lord Krishna.

Thanks to all with regards.

Always Krishna blesses all.

Hare Krishna

Ashish Kumar Saha Gopal
Draftsman (Civil)
Directorate of Generation
Rural Electrification Board (REB)
Road # 01/A, House # 04
Nikunja-2, Joarshahara
Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229.