Dear Devotees,

New Vrindaban’s 4th Annual 24 Hour Kirtan festival has just commenced. Please tune it to for live audio and video. As I speak 131 devotees are viewing it along with the hundreds here in New Vrindaban’s temple room. The finalised Kirtan Schedule follows (all times are EST):

12:00 PM Ananta Govinda
12:15 PM Madhava (Switzerland)
2:00 PM Acyuta Gopi
3:00 PM Badahari Prabhu
4:00 PM Amala Kirtan (Brazil)
5:00 PM Sitapati Das (Australia)
5:45 PM Abhay NV
6:15 PM Gauramani DD
7:00 PM Param Das
7:30 PM Gaura Vani
8:30 PM Sivarama Swami
10:00 PM Ananta Govinda & Acyuta
11:00 PM Kesavacarya & Kamaniya
12:00 AM New Jersey
1:00 AM Kishori Yatra
1:45 AM Montreal Crew
2:45 AM Rina Mahapatra (Chicago)
3:15 AM Sgt. Caitanya
3:45 AM Rupa NV
4:15 AM Krishna Prasad
5:00 AM Rupa Florida
5:30 AM Jahnavi Harrison
6:15 AM Rasa Caitanya NV
6:45 AM Varshana Swami
7:45 AM Sarvajay Gauranga
8:45 AM Gaura Vani
9:30 AM Acyuta Gopi
10:15 AM Badahari Prabhu
11:45 AM onwards Ananta Govinda


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