Free Devananda Pandit Concert

There will be a free concert featuring Devanada Pandit Das Prabhu (Denis Moreau as advertised) on Saturday April 17 beginning at 7:30 PM.

The show will open with local, acoustic guitarist/ singer/song writer Mary Blake. Mary is from Wheeling, WV. This will be her first visit to New Vrindaban. Let’s give her a nice devotee welcome.

Devananada Pandit Prabhu will be performing at the Palace Lodge

In addition there will be a “Pot Luck” beginning 6:30 PM. We ask that all attendees bring prasadam to contribute, if possible.

This will be an enjoyable and wonderful event for all to associate! Haribol!!
Your Servants,
Bhaktas Keith and Tom

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Reader Comments

Hare Krishna, when I read the title, Free Devananda Pandit Concert. I thought that it was a benefit concert to free a prisoner devotee who name is Devananada Pandit. Recently I read an article about a devotee who is on the run from some country in Eastern Europe, being wrongly trialled due to discrimination.


We all need freeing from the material world. 🙂