“Time Ploughs On Infinite Railways” by Hayagriva das ACBSP

Living consciousness ploughs on infinite railways
Its traveler tediously moves towards ever vanishing horizons.
The way stations spanning birth to death piles up along the treks
The traveler can never make a permanent settlement along the way
Due to the irresistible demands of the unknown destinations.

His consciousness has developed affinity
But being a lost and lonely entity
He is compelled along the railroad
The train goes on making immemorial arbitrary connections
On an inconceivable network of tracks, side tracks, spurts and traces.

To terminate the wearisome trek is to attain the end of the line
The one central turn table radiating all the strands will attract
The homesick adventurer in the sequence of spiritual evolutions
Or Transmigration of the soul.
The approach to the cynosure draws out the trek beyond the barriers of time
Onto transcendental lines.

In the supreme station the atmosphere of insensate beauty
Offers relief in the company of the chief controller, your God.

Now dawn is breaking down the metaphysical carrier
Look out at every day!!!!
There is no other excursion to make!!!
Try and locate the real objective
The real and essential trek is above the suffocating—
Pleasure trips advertised by the phenomenal billboards.

A linear odyssey through plastic form is a diversionary movement
Offered to superficial and coarse creatures
For the captivation of their whims,
While the ultimate freedom—Love ride express is running
Unnoticed into the kingdom of God.


(Submitted by Rsabdev. It appeared in Columbus, Ohio around 1969 on a flier inviting people to the Sunday feast.)

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