NV’s New Temple President Weathers His First Storm

New Vrindaban recently experienced a 3-1/2 day power outage. Although this was Sikhi Mahiti’s first winter storm in NV, he remained calm throughout the outage and assisted the devotees in their service. As a result, the Deity service and devotee care continued uninterrupted throughout the entire storm.

This was the first major crisis for Sikhi Mahiti dasa, who assumed the post of Temple President in July 2009. “It was not that bad considering what I used to do before I came to New Vrindaban,” said Sikhi Mahiti with a smile. “Before becoming Temple President, I worked for AT&T for twelve years. One of my jobs was to handle the major outages of AT&T’s most important clients. So I was prepared to handle this snow storm.”

By the mercy of Sri Sri Radha – Vrindaban Chandra, New Vrindaban
finally owns a brand new generator. This generator is powerful enough to light all three altars and the vyasasana, and supply the boiler with electricity for the circulation pumps for the hot water heating system. In other words, the generator is powerful enough to keep the temple room lit, and to supply the entire building with heat and hot water.

During this snow storm, New Vrindaban made an urgent appeal on its website for donations to cover the cost of the generator. Within hours, a single guest made a donation to cover the entire cost. Until Sikhi Mahiti installed the new generator, however, Ranaka dasa generously lent the generator from his own home. Thus, although Ranaka and his family were without light, the service of Sri Sri Radha – Vrindaban Chandra continued uninterrupted.

During the storm, Sikhi Mahiti gave special protection to the women and children of New Vrindaban. Many families and single women stayed in the guest rooms and offices next to the temple. Thanks to the guests, the kirtanas at mangala arati were ecstatic!

This storm was actually a blessing in disguise. It forced many devotees to come and take shelter of the Deities and the temple. The storm also gave many devotees the opportunity to view first-hand some of the positive new changes in New Vrindaban. Jaya Prabhupada! Jaya Sri Sri Radha – Vrindaban Chandra!

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As per the example of Sikhi Mahiti Prabhu, it shows that according to the principle of yukta vairagya, experience acquired in the material world, in the course of one’s grihastha life may be usefully engaged in Lord Krishna’s service and benefit the assembly of devotees, to whom I offer my humble obeissances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Yours in service
Puskaraksa das