New Sewing Room

To All New Vrindavan Residents,

Several months ago, the New Vrindavan Community Management Council approved a request of senior matajis who desired to restart the Radha Vrindavan Candra Sewing Department.

The paraphernalia of the RVC Sewing Dept was in disarray and scattered in several insecure locations. Their request was to consolidate all the Lord’s sewing supplies in one space. The space requested and granted was the front office space in the administrative wing of the temple.

This room was chosen because of the convenience it afforded in bringing together devotees in an easily accessible space and for the additional loft space for storage of deity sewing supplies.

The space has been recently renovated with a new floor, improved lighting and work tables. Vani dasi, who is taking on the service of organizing the space and enthusing the ladies in the community to render this personal service to Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Candra.

Vani explains that the first project is to repair all the present deity outfits and make matching deity accessories like slips, veils and chaddars. When that project is complete, all the supplies for making new outfits will be purchased and work will be started on new festival outfits this summer!

Please encourage the community matajis by supporting this decision. And if you would like to sew or learn to sew for Their Lordships please contact Mother Vani.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sewing room, its location or function please address your concerns directly to the New Vrindavan Board of Directors.

Your servants, NVBoD.

Nityodita, Jayasri, Rupanuga, Tamohara, Varsana Swami

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