Winter Storm Update

Letter by Sikhi Mahiti das to Malati dd.


I guess by now you have heard that we were dark in NV for 3 nights and 4 days. A snow storm passed through and dumped almost 2 feet of snow. Then, the temperature dropped to single digits causes many trees to break large branches or the main trunk.

As a result, we were without electricity. By Radha Vrindavanchandra’s grace, Ranaka, let us take the 5000 watt portable generator from his his house. His family used candles and a wood burning stove. He wanted the devotees and deities to be warm. Tejo, Soma, and I discussed how to wire up the boiler pumps so the building would have hot water and heat.

To pick up the generator at Ranaka’s home was no easy task. Soma drove his 4 wheel drive pickup with me in the passenger seat and his truck bay full of snow in order to give the wheel some traction. Tejo pulled his ATV on a trailer connected to his 4Runner SUV with his wife and Tulasi Ananda.

There were many fallen branches on the road to Ranaka. We were going down hill so that help. The snow was deep. At one point, Tejo parked his SUV and removed the ATV (a 4 wheel motorbike) and we followed him the rest of the way to Rananka’s. The three old men somehow or other carried that heavy generator and lift it up on to Soma’s pick bay. Then, we had to plow up hill to Tejo’s SUV. We made it to the SUV after heavy navigation around the fallen trees and deep snow. But, our luck ran out.

Tejo put his ATV on the trailer and Soma and I went ahead. Soma tried to navigate around a fallen branch and got stuck in snow covered ditch. His 4 wheel drive could not climb out. Tejo arrived and had all the necessary equipment. I went ahead and began breaking and moving tree branches on the road. Soma and Tejo figured out how to connect the vehicle with a chain and a pad lock. We had to dig snow out in order to see the bottom of Soma’s vehicle. Still the chain would not hold. I held the chain in my hand while Tejo pulled ahead to tighten it up. We were ready to go! Tejo pulled his ATV on trailer and Soma’s truck about 50 yards in the ditch. It wouldn’t come out until we arrived at the bend near the apartments. Then, Tejo pulled Soma over the ditch.

We arrived at the temple and began wiring everything together. After an hour, we had hot water and heat! Still, we needed gas. Tejo to the rescue. The road to 250 was impossible. I think he drove his ATV to the Limestone gas station. Thank Krsna that there pump had electricity and we used a debt card.

Mean while, the devotees in the apartments walked up that high road to the temple. We put them in the guest rooms and Premabhakti cooked evening prasadham. The kirtan in front of the deites was very nice with all the temple residents, apartment dwellers, and their children. Managal arati was full. I spoke a little after Tulasi puja about how Krsna arranged this storm to bring us closer and chant Hare Krsna together.

The next day, I figured out how to run electricity to the temple room and altar. So, we had some light there. On Monday, we had to return the generator to the Ghee factory. Ranaka offered to buy one for the temple. But, none could be found in Ohio, PA, or WV. Somehow or other by making phone calls, we found one at Lowes. Soma purchased it on his debt card and we were back in business by the afternoon.

The temple was full of life because all the householders and their children were in the temple all day. It was a wonderful experience. The electricity returned at 5pm this Tuesday.

I’ll write more later. I’m sure you will hear from the other devotees. I hope you are having a wonderful stay in Sridham Mayapur. You can tell them that NV is a holy place like Mayapur. They have Ganga flood. We have Snow storms and no electricity!


Sikhi Mahit das

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Please accept my humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I am so glad things turned out well for all of you. Here in Alachua, FL the only worry is when it drops below freezing. It is wonderful to see the crisis responded to with such dedicated devotional service. It is also refreshing to see the event was a Krishna Conscious experience for all of you. The crisis and the mundane hardship appears to have been transcended in devotional service by one and all. Then to receive Krishna’s mercy and read about it all here presented in such a transcendental form…pure bliss.

your servant