Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda Thursday, Jan. 28th

Dear Devotees,

PAMHO! AGTHDSP! Next Thursday, Jan. 28th is the auspicious
appearance day of Lord Nityananda. This is always one of NV’s most wonderful and intimate festivals. Especially in view of all the current issues in the world, and in our local world, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the devotees to come together and glorify the Lord as a Vaishnava community.

A flower outfit is planned for Lord Nityananda, and we would like to also decorate the altars very nicely. So anyone who would like to make a donation for flowers should see M. Nitya Mukta or Sikhi Mahiti.

The flowers will be purchased early Wednesday morning, so she will need the laksmi either by Tuesday or Wednesday morning at Gurupuja at the latest.

We would also like to offer the Lord a wonderful feast. Everyone is encouraged to make their finest preparations and bring them to the pujari room by about 6:15 to offer at the evening arotik. And of course, everyone is welcome to cook something in the kitchen at the temple. If you can’t cook but would like to donate financially to the feast, please see Sikhi Mahiti with your donation as soon as possible. They will probably shop on Tues. or Wed., his extension is 105 if you would like to confirm. Physical help is also appreciated if anyone would like to come on Thursday afternoon, to help with the preparations,

I will be calling some of the ladies to encourage them to make
their specialties. We all hope to make Lord Nityananda’s appearance day, a memorable occasion.

Hare Krishna,
Sachimata dd

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