Planting Fruit and Nut Trees In New Vrindaban

I am hoping that we can get a lot of fruit and nut trees planted in New Vrindaban, with a goal of 1,000 in 10 years or quicker. Last year 30 or so were planted on temple grounds and individual devotees planted more so that for the year we did get over a hundred in and I hope we can keep up the pace this year or better it.

Srila Prabhupada did predict someday many people will take shelter of our farm communities. If that indeed occurs, we can always ramp up vegetable and grain production as the crop cycles are annual, but bringing fruit and nuts into production can take from 3 or more years for fruit, and for some nut trees up to 20 years, so that we need to get started ASAP.

So I am encouraging each of you to look at your own ground and consider tree and berry planting. If you can’t personally plant anything, consider giving a donation to pay for planting trees on the temple or other devotee’s land.

Lacking land or money, the temple can always use some volunteer labor to stretch the planting fund dollars so consider helping out. Anyone can participate regardless of circumstance.

While there are a lot of catalogues out there, if you want to keep it simple check out Miller’s.

Or talk to me (Madhava Gosh) or Soma for other recommendations.

Of course, if you live somewhere else other than geographical NV and have some ground or a yard, I would also encourage you to plant there.

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