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World Prayer Day for the Yamuna River

On Saturday, January 30, New Vrindaban Community will join with over 180 communities world-wide in a day of prayer and chanting. This is an international effort aimed at protecting the sacred Yamuna River in Vrindaban, India. There is currently a 30-day stay order on the construction of a bridge that would destroy the sanctity of […]

Festival Of Inspiration: 2010 May 7, 8 & 9th New Vrindaban, WV

This is the 10th Year Anniversary of the Festival. Each year, Festival coordinators seek talented devotees to make presentations, conduct work shops or give seminars. We welcome a wide variety of topics. If any of the gentle readers know qualified persons or are interested themselves in participating , please contact me at the Festival e-mail: […]

Appearance Day of Lord Nityananda Thursday, Jan. 28th

Dear Devotees, PAMHO! AGTHDSP! Next Thursday, Jan. 28th is the auspicious appearance day of Lord Nityananda. This is always one of NV’s most wonderful and intimate festivals. Especially in view of all the current issues in the world, and in our local world, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the devotees to come together […]

Saturday, January 23 is Yoga Day USA

Saturday, January 23 is Yoga Day USA. The word “yoga” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “linking with the Supreme.” New Vrindaban Community is dedicated to the science of bhakti yoga, or the science of devotional service to God. Here is the schedule of events for Yoga Day USA: 12:30 Kirtan and worship ceremony […]

Garden Conversation New Vrindaban June 22, 1974

(Pusta Krishna was reading from the 13th chapter of Bhagavad Gita and Prabhupada was commenting. See the full conversation here.) Pusta Krishna: It’s just like, say here’s a field, and it’s full of wood, so a farmer comes and he cuts down the trees and then he plants grain, and then it comes up as […]

Video Of New Vrindaban

At the end of October, two filmmakers from Charleston, West Viriginia, visited Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold. While they were here, they interviewed a few devotees who encouraged them to visit the temple. Here is a short video they produced and posted on YouTube. watch?v=3c3Nmsv_VHM

Planting Fruit and Nut Trees In New Vrindaban

I am hoping that we can get a lot of fruit and nut trees planted in New Vrindaban, with a goal of 1,000 in 10 years or quicker. Last year 30 or so were planted on temple grounds and individual devotees planted more so that for the year we did get over a hundred in […]

Loving Exchange Event

(Pitambar dd is a New Vrindaban devotee from back in the day. She is Ambarisa’s widow. Ambarisa cared for the cows for many many years at Bahulaban and was famous for his kirtans and sweet rice. She has some health issues and is disabled.) Updating everyone on the upcoming “Loving Exchange” program which is happening […]

Krishna Reveals Himself To Those Who Love Him

Krsna reveals himself to those who love Him.  Sometimes it is the unspoilt love of a child which contains the highest wisdom unseen to the gross materialists. We all experience economic pressures.  Maintaining life in the twenty-first century includes many necessities which centuries before were completely unimaginable.  Even in our attempts to live simply and […]