Temple New Year’s Eve Festival

RVC Temple

New Years Eve Festival

Hare Krsna! Radha Vrindavanchandra Ki Jaya!

This year the end of the year coincides with Sri Krsna Pushya Abisheka. On this day, one should bath the deity in five pounds of ghee. We will welcome the new year with an abhiseka of Sri Salagram sila and a fire yajna in which the participants will write their new year wishes and vows on paper and offer them to Lord Visnu in the fire. His Holiness Varshana Swami will speak and Sankirtan das & Devananda das will perform before the midnight aratik offered to the festival deities.

The schedule is below, please attend some part of the festival with the visiting devotees.

7 pm

7:30 pm

8:30 pm

9:00 pm
HH Varsna Swami

10:00 pm
Sri Krsna Pushya Abisheka
Everyone may participate

10:30 pm
Fire Yajna
Offer your wishes and vows for the new year

11:00 pm
New Year’s Special – Musical Recital Performance
Sankirtan das & Devananda das

11:45 pm

Arati – Festival deities and Sri Salagram Sila

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!
New Vrindavan dham Ki Jaya!

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