Christmas Wish List For Cows and Deities


For the Deities:

Heavy Duty Iron
Rose Water
Necklaces, earrings, pins
Dish towels
Bath towels
Emergency, rechargeable, lanterns
Jar candles
food processor
blue tac/poster putty
Pure essential oils

For the Cows: (many of these items are found at a Tractor Supply Store, Farm Co-op or Hardware Store)

Bag Balm (for cows udders)
Hay forks (pitch fork)
Cow brushes (for brushing and cleaning cows)
Large or EX-large heavy duty rubber gloves
Devotional CD’s- Srila Prabhupada, bhajans etc.
Dish Soap
Lead Ropes- to lead or pull cows around with
Wash cloths
Hand towels
CD player
3 radiator/oil filled heaters (from Walmart etc.)
Scarlet oil- (a medicine type oil for cows)
Kopertox- (a medicine for cows hoofs)

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Reader Comments

Dear devotees,

I saw this wish list and was inspired to donate. My choice would be donate for the cows. But then I saw that you ask for a radiator/heater and you suggest that it can be purchased at Walmart. While it is a fact that Walmart may appear to offer the cheapest deals, in the long run the cost of that corporation’s market monopoly on the planet has been devastating. It should be clearly understood by devotees that, like in the famous elephant bath analogy, supporting Walmart and attempting to propagate the concept of Vedic cow protection is a glaring contradiction. Devotees who are taking up the noble cause of cow protection should know better than listing Walmart products on a cow protection wish list. The two concepts absolutely do not go together.

The electric heater is used to keep the pipes in the sink from freezing, keeping cleanliness standards is very important for the quantity of milk produced and the number of people who will eventually be consuming it. No offense intended. I don’t have much experince with heaters since i cut most of my own trees and burn them to stay warm all winter long. Hare Krsna Please donate, the cows, not the wish list writer, need your donation.

Sorry to be a cynical voice but what exactly is the temple fund raising which includes the cow barn paying for? A Christmas wish list is nice and the NOD instructs devotees that on coming to a guest’s house and the temple (the Lord’s house) one should always bring a gift however they can afford-but alot of these items are BASIC necessities that should be covered (imho). Wish lists are like extras…Thank you for your dedication Lalita. I think you are going above and beyond..