Blows And Rainbows

Written around 7:00 PM, Wednesday, December 9th:

The whole are all around, as far as you can see, because of this wind with hail, has knocked out everyone’s electricity, and when I went down to Wilson Valley this afternoon, there were four five places where dead trees had broken and blocked the road.

Radha-VrindabanChandra’s ridge is fed electric from mostly Moundsville. This one line serves and ends at the Palace, the cabins, Manasaganga’s, Malati’s, etc. Another line comes up from the other direction, Wheeling, and ends at the RVC Temple and apartments.

I was too slow getting the tripod & camera set up to catch the Double Rainbow, before these really low and fast moving clouds blocked the beautiful sight. i was able to catch just a little of the lower Rainbow for you.

Jaya Murari dasa

New Vrindaban rainbow

(9:30 PM electricity just came back on, it was off for less than 12 hrs. )

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