Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner On November 26

On Thursday, November 26, New Vrindaban Community will host a free vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.  “Thanksgiving used to be a vegetarian’s worst nightmare,” says Melanie Nagel, Special Events Coordinator in New Vrindaban Community.  “But not anymore.  Vegetarian Thanksgiving is becoming popular all across the US – and not only with vegetarians.  Many non-vegetarians are also celebrating Thanksgiving with a vegetarian meal.”

New Vrindaban is Ohio Valley’s largest all-vegetarian community.  “In New Vrindaban, we regularly hold festivals and feasts featuring a wide variety of meatless alternatives.  Vegetarian Thanksgiving is one of our specialties!  Students, families, and individuals are all invited to honor life and the creation by joining us on Thanksgiving Day.  ”

Thanksgiving dinner will feature barbecued gluten, also known as seitan.  The texture of barbecued gluten is so similar to turkey that many people will not be able to tell the difference.  In fact, many people have probably already tasted wheat gluten before and not even known it!  Wheat gluten is commonly included in veggie burgers, and Chinese restaurants typically use wheat gluten in mock duck preparations.

The entire Thanksgiving dinner will be home-made – no canned cranberry sauce or store-bought desserts.  The Thanksgiving menu will be as follows: barbecued wheat gluten, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, fried rice, black-eyes peas, donuts, and pumpkin pie.

The dinner, as well as all the other events, are free and open to the public.  You are invited to spend all day in New Vrindaban, or just part of the day.  Here is the schedule of events:

12:30   Worship ceremony
1:00     Discourse
1:30     Thanksgiving dinner served at the Palace Lodge
3:30     Tours of the Cruelty-free Dairy Barn and Organic Gardens.  Concurrently, there will be guided children’s activities indoors
4:30     Worship ceremony
6:00     “Thanks to Krishna” discussion – everyone participates
7:00     Worship ceremony
7:30     Bhajans – hymns accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments
8:30     Worship ceremony

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Reader Comments

New Vrindaban for Thanksgiving, then Gita Jayanti all within a few days. New Vrindaban, a jewel and gift of Lord Krishna!

I would hope the Lord’s mercy finds my way for the event.