Govardhan Puja and Diwali

October 17: Diwali Celebration

Here is a complete schedule of events:

6:00 PM Bhajans
7:00 PM Arati
8:00 PM Entertainment
8:30 PM Arati and Damodarastakam
9:00 PM Fireworks in the parking lot

October 18: Go Puja and Govardhan Puja

Here is a complete schedule of events:

12:00 – 1:00 PM Go puja by the temple and circumambulation
1:00 PM Arati
1:30 PM Go puja in the barn across from the Palace Lodge
2:30 PM Sunday feast
4:30 PM Arati and worship of Govardhan Hill
5:00 PM Abhishek
5:30 PM Bhoga offering — please bring a preparation
6:00 PM Entertainment
7:00 PM Arati
7:30 PM Feast
8:00 PM Damodarasika

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