“I Pray That I May Be Of Some Service” by Sukhavaha dd

I pray that I may be of some service
……To You, My Lord, today.
I pray that I may be of some service
…… To You, My Lord, today.
You are always the Potter
I am just but Your clay.
My Lord, You are The Source
…… You are The Force
Of all, so without You
There is nothing I can do.
Oh Krsna, You’re the Supreme Creator/
…… Divine Lover of All
And I’m insignificantly
…… Small and prone to fall…ing.
In Your arms I rest
You e’er do what’s best.
I know not how life will turn
But to practice letting go, I’ll daily learn.
…… I’m Yours, I’m Yours.
My Lord, I’m a tiny grain of sand
Meanwhile, huge worlds are under
…… Your Divine Command.
My empty cup is Yours to fill.
…… I’m Yours to use. . .
Do what You will
And I’ll be grateful still.
I’m Yours to use/ If You so choose.
I’m Yours, I’m Yours.

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