Wanted: Creative Devotees

Dear Creative Devotees: The festival of Ram Vijaya, victory over Ravana, is due to be celebrated next Saturday, Sept. 26th.

We need someone who will VOLUNTEER to create Ravana…means building a frame for his body, stuffing it with straw, draping cloth over it, and topping it off with 10 fierce faces (fireworks are already purchased to add to the explosion)……..He needs to be ready to go by early evening on the 26th.

Please contact Malati-304-845-9591 or Sikhi Mahiti: 304-843-1600 ext. 105 with any offers of help.

We want to celebrate in grand style!   Hari bol!

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Reader Comments

I just found you online. I used to live there around 1987 to 88. wondering how things were there now. Might be interested in returning to live. perhaps buy some property in the area? request contact to devotees . all glories to assembled devotees. hare bol. rucira ps. is jaya murari still around? he was my spiritual advisor.