There Are No Pre-packaged Meals In The Spiritual World!

This week, another group of college students visited New Vrindaban.  Again, these students are intelligent, idealistic, and socially aware.  Although their college has no community service requirement, these students have all voluntarily committed themselves to ten hours of service per week.  They visited New Vrindaban for the same reason as the last group of college students – they are interested in the Organic Teaching Garden and the Garden of Seven Gates.

This group attends Wheeling Jesuit College.  They are a fairly pious group.  Many of them said grace before they honored the prasadam lunch.  And they came to New Vrindaban with a strong sense of justice andmorality.

These students are concerned about poverty.  They had recently discussed amongst themselves the fact that Jesus had said that “the poor will always be with you.”  But they were unable to understand the meaning.  Therefore, they found Vaisnava philosophy regarding reincarnation very appealing.  They know that in the past, the US Department of Agriculture destroyed thousands of tons of grains each year.  These politicians and bureaucrats will be forced to suffer the reaction for this waste in a future life.  In other words, karma is the reason some people are suffering from hunger and starvation in this lifetime.  In the Bible it says, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

The students heard that the only solution to the hunger problem is to return to the spiritual world.  I showed them the pictures in KRSNA Book.  In Gokula Vrindaban, the cows give so much milk that Krishna and Balarama steal butter and feed it to the monkeys!  I also showed the picture of Krishna and the cowherd boys eating their lunch together by the Yamuna river.  All the foods are natural and fresh.  There are no pre-packaged meals in the spiritual world!

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