In Goloka Vrindaban, The Saris Are The Most Exquisite Colors!

by Bhaktin Rita

Last Thursday, the last group of children from inner city Wheeling visited New Vrindaban. There were thirteen six- and seven-year olds. This group was very sweet, and they became very attached to Krishna consciousness while they were here.

As soon as the children got off the bus, one little girl held her arms out at both sides, and told the other children, “Nobody can get in front of me. I’m first.” I immediately told her that she could not boss the other children around. She was quite an aggressive little girl!

Later on, however, in the afternoon, she showed a very sweet side. She told me how much she liked my sari, and that she wanted to wear one. Then she asked me whether she could carry my pallu (the part of the sari that drapes across the left shoulder). I think she liked it so much that she just wanted to touch it. I told her yes, and she carried it for a little while.

I told her to open the pallu and look at the design. She did so, and was quite impressed by the peacock design. After looking at it, she put the pallu over her head and started walking behind me. She told the other, “Look, I’m in the shade!”

A few other children decided they wanted to be in the shade as well. Soon, they were arguing about who would be under the pallu, and in what position. While they argued, I just kept walking. I figured they had no choice but to follow. Luckily, they all agreed that I should walk in front!

Prabhupada told us that all the residents of Goloka Vrindaban wear tilaka. And the women wear beautiful saris. In Goloka Vrindaban, the saris are the most exquisite colors! Those saris are not like the dull, faded saris in this horrible material world. The saris in the material world can never reflect the true beauty of this garment. But simply by visiting New Vrindaban and becoming attracted to the gopis’ paraphernalia, these children have begun their spiritual life. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

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