Temple Internet Shutdown

Dear Devotees,

We will be shutting down internet services for the devotees in the temple to felicitate uninterrupted broadcast of Sri Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Live on newvrindaban.com for all the festivals and celebrations we will have in the temple room from now onwards as per the schedule on newvrindaban.com. Any change in schedule will be announced, else it will be same as per the website. Should anyone need internet for extreme urgent purpose might contact Shyam Pandey directly. Thank you for your co-operation.

Secondly, starting tomorrow, we want to request you all to limit your internet usage specially in the evening to give more bandwidth privilege to the CD team to access information over the internet and connect to remote database. This is a crucial time for them to collect funds for Sri Sri Radhavrindaban Chandraji and they deserve uninterrupted internet connection. If you are not checking your mail or using your computer, please keep it shutoff. Any kind of misuse / excessive use during those hours might result in loosing your priviledge to access internet, thus please refrain from misuse.

Again thank you for your co-operation.

Any question, comments or criticism can be directed directly to Shyam Pandey.

Thank You


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